Accelerated Growth Programme client Rototherm Group to produce 100,000 medical visors a week for the NHS

Rototherm Group, which usually manufactures industrial measuring instruments such as pressure and temperature gauges, has started making the medical visors, in an effort to keep the NHS supplied with vital protective equipment. The firm, which employs just over 100 people at its factory on the Kenfig Industrial Estate near Margam, said it currently has enough material to produce in excess of 1,500,000 protective face shields.


Managing Director of Rototherm, Oliver Conger, said:

“In a short period of time, we have designed and had the product independently tested and approved by the BSI for use by the NHS, as well as reconfiguring our facility to produce the product in large volumes; a great achievement by team Rototherm.”


The company began making visors early in April and has ramped up production significantly in a short period of time, manufacturing 65,000 units a week with plans to increase to more than 100,000+ per week in the coming weeks. Over the past week the business has recruited an additional 36 people to support production. The face shields have been certified by the BSI and additionally hold the CE mark certification.



The company has received support from Accelerated Growth Programme since October 2015.

Richard Morris of Accelerated Growth Programme said:
Rototherm is a leading business in its sector and we are so impressed by the way it has pivoted its operations almost overnight to develop and produce vital medical equipment for the NHS, which will protect many people.”


Director of Rototherm, Tarkan Conger said:
“Supporting the local supply chain is very much part of Rototherm’s DNA and we are fortunate to have so many fantastic Welsh businesses that are supporting us from the supply of materials to other specialist services that have enabled us to ramp up production so quickly”.

Rototherm has received calls for its visors from all over the world but is concentrating on supplying the NHS and the healthcare communities in the UK. The business has also set up a dedicated website at


With a heritage dating back to the 1840s, the Rototherm Group is a leading global manufacturer for measurement solutions for temperature, pressure, liquid concentration, dissolved carbon dioxide and flow.  In addition to its Headquarters in Margam, Rototherm has an additional manufacturing facility in Southport as well as offices in Edinburgh, Teeside, Dublin and Texas.

Rototherm has grown and developed its reputation within the Energy, Beverage, LPG, pharmaceuticals, water, transport and defence industries.

Further information on the Business Wales Accelerated Growth Programme.

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