Partners Case Studies

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum

To address the problem of marine litter we need to first understand our coast line and our impact on it. Find out more about how Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum allow children to explore various critical topics linked to marine preservation through their interactive coastal challenge days.

A collaboration between various stakeholders to map out the coast line, this project which Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum coordinate assists in the sustainable management of marine infrastructure and other marine activity.  

Keep Wales Tidy Cymru

By 2050 researchers have stated there will be more plastic in the sea than fish per tonne. As part of their ongoing work to protect our environment for now and for the future, Keep Wales Tidy coordinate regular beach cleans to help keep our beaches beautiful, for all of us to enjoy. Read more about their work and how you can get involved.  

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water along with the Welsh Government are aiming to address the growing use of single use plastic bottles by researching habits around water fountains, with the aim of introducing public water fountains across Wales in the near future.

Water companies play a big role in our response to microplastic entering water courses.  Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water is part of an active consortium of 40 plus organisations, which under the banner of '21st Century Drainage' is developing long term planning tools to help us respond to many problems including microplastics and contaminants.  


By harvesting the power of the waves, the  Holyhead Deep project is helping reduce the likelihood of oil spillage and other micro pollutants from non renewable energy supplies entering our oceans and harming biodiversity.  

World Wildlife Fund Wales (WWF) Cymru

WWF Cymru collaborated with varying sectors and countries who all share the waters. The Celtic Seas project developed alternative approaches to managing our shared marine environment. Read more about some of the projects which have come out of this collaboration, for example a resilience dashboard and best practice guidelines. After the success of the plastics bag levy, WWF Cymru are lobbying for a similar initiative on throw-away coffee cups; in an attempt to reduce the quantity that end up on our shores. 

Surfers Against Sewage Wales (SAS) Cymru

Plastic bags still make up a huge percentage of the disposable plastic that makes it's way to the sea, but the 5p charge introduced in the UK 3 years ago has seen 6 million fewer bag. SAS Cymru were heavily involved in in the Break the Bag Habit coalition. Read more about how you or your organisation can get involved in their work.  


Seafish has been actively involved in research around contaminants that fish life are exposed to, including the fish we eat. Read more about their work and how contaminants are being monitored and traced.  

Cardiff University

To compliment their ongoing research into the health of our seas, Cardiff University has committed to reducing plastic across their sites by stipulating with their suppliers packaging limits and introducing branded coffee mugs. Read more about their initiatives and policies.