Welsh National Marine Plan (WNMP): Aquaculture


WNMP sector objective

To facilitate the development of sustainable aquaculture in Welsh waters, including promoting innovative finfish, shellfish and marine algal businesses and associated supply chains.

What is the aquaculture sector

The Aquaculture sector involves the rearing or cultivation of aquatic organisms. These include finfish, shellfish and algae.

The organisms are cultivated for:

  • direct commercial purposes
  • restocking and enhancing wild populations.

WNMP policy sets out Welsh Government’s aim to support the development of:

  • sustainable shellfish
  • finfish
  • marine algal aquaculture production and associated supply chains.

Aquaculture can help to underpin sustainable economic development in rural and coastal communities. As well as contributing to the security of food supply. 

WNMP sector policies

AQU_01: aquaculture (supporting)

AQU_01 a

Proposals for new aquaculture developments will be supported where they contribute to the objectives of this plan. Proposals should comply with the relevant general policies and sector safeguarding policies of this plan and any other relevant considerations.

AQU_01 b

Relevant public authorities and the sector are encouraged, in liaison with other interested parties, to collaborate to understand opportunities for the sustainable use of aquaculture resources including the identification of:

  • natural resources that provide aquaculture potential
  • opportunities to define and, once in place, further develop and refine Strategic Resource Areas for aquaculture

in order to support the sustainable development of the aquaculture sector through marine planning.

Sector map

View the aquaculture sector on the Marine Planning Portal.

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