Welsh National Marine Plan (WNMP): Dredging and disposal

dredging the seabed

WNMP sector objective

To maintain safe and effective navigational access for shipping, fishing and leisure craft and support future growth and increases in port facilities and vessel size whilst promoting the optimal sustainable use of dredged material and ensuring adequate disposal facilities are available.

What is the dredging and disposal sector

Dredging and disposal includes:

  • removal of material from one area of the seabed
  • relocation of the excavated material elsewhere for disposal.

Most marine dredging and disposal is for the purposes of:

  • navigation of vessels
  • existing and future port development. It may also take place to help other marine works.

Dredging and disposal differs from aggregates dredging, where aggregates are dredged for their economic value. 

WNMP sector policies

D&D_01: dredging and disposal (supporting)

Proposals that maintain navigable channels and long term access to open at-sea disposal sites for appropriate material will be supported where they contribute to the objectives of this plan. Proposals should comply with the relevant general policies and sector safeguarding policies of this plan and any other relevant considerations.

Sector map

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