Welsh National Marine Plan (WNMP): Sub-sea cabling

WNMP sector objective

To support the optimal distribution of electricity and better global communications through the growth of digital communication networks.

What is the sub-sea cabling sector

Subsea cabling sector activities include:

  • deployment
  • maintenance
  • decommissioning

of subsea telecommunication and electricity (power) transmission cables. The WNMP supports the development of an advanced broadband telecommunications infrastructure throughout Wales. It promotes an integrated approach to:

  • provision
  • renewal

of energy and telecommunications infrastructure.

WNMP sector policies

CAB_01: subsea cabling (supporting)

Proposals that facilitate the growth of digital communications networks and/or the optimal distribution of electricity will be supported where they contribute to the objectives of this plan. Proposals should comply with the relevant general policies and sector safeguarding policies of this plan and any other relevant considerations.

Sector map

View the sub-sea cabling sector on the Marine Planning Portal.

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