Welsh National Marine Plan (WNMP): Surface water and wastewater treatment and disposal (SWW)

water treatment plant

WNMP sector objective

To safeguard the capacity to safely and effectively treat and discharge surface water runoff and wastewater.

What is the surface water and wastewater treatment and disposal sector

The Surface Water and Wastewater Treatment and Disposal sector includes wastewater’s:

  • collection
  • transport
  • treatment, and
  • disposal.

It covers sewers, sewage treatment works, industrial effluent and combined sewer overflows. The WNMP recognises that the provision of infrastructure, both through:

  • terrestrial planning
  • marine planning

for the SWW sector are key activities. The ongoing function of the SWW sector is critical. Other sectors rely upon healthy and clean water bodies for their own activities.

WNMP sector policies

SAF_01 (safeguarding)

Policy SAF_01 a applies to all proposals from all sectors (including new SWW sector proposals) with the potential to impact upon existing or planned surface water runoff and wastewater treatment and disposal activities where a consent or authorisation or lease has been granted or formally applied for. This policy recognises the importance of having waste water infrastructure and the work and investment required to develop appropriate sites.

Sector map

View the surface water and wasterwater treatment and disposal sector on the Marine Planning Portal.

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