Hope Rescue

Rescue dogs bring hope to the community

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In 2005 Hope Rescue established itself as a Charitable Company to save and re-house stray dogs.  The majority of the dogs that were helped were stray dogs from Local Authority pounds in South Wales who would otherwise be destroyed after completing their statutory seven days in the pound. Hope Rescue’s ethos is that “no-one gets left behind irrespective of age, breed or medical condition".

Hope Rescue feels passionately that their role is not simply to deal with the consequences of irresponsible ownership, but to also tackle the root causes and reduce the number of dogs needing to access the animal welfare system. They also believe in the valuable pastoral and therapeutic role that dogs can play in their local community. Their “Hope in the Community” outreach work comprises of:

  • A canine respite scheme that supports owners in crisis (for example dog owners struggling with domestic abuse, homelessness or hospitalization) to keep their pets.

  • Providing pet food and other pet sundries to food banks and support organizations to help dog owners on who are on low income or living on the streets

  • Providing volunteering and work experience opportunities for all sectors of the community

  • Visiting establishments such as special schools, day centers and residential homes with the dogs, to provide people with the social and therapeutic benefits of interacting with animals

  • Campaigning for legislative change

  • Promoting responsible ownership through education and community projects

After operating from commercial boarding kennels and foster homes for 12 years, an opportunity arose to purchase a rescue Centre in Llanharan, Rhondda Cynon Taff. Social Business Wales helped Hope Rescue to set up a wholly owned trading arm and gave VAT guidance, HR and marketing advice and sustainable development support.  With this SBW provision and a close working relationship with the WCVA, Hope Rescue secured funding through the Social Business Growth fund and was able to purchase the property in March 2017.

The Centre now has space for 40 rescue dogs, with 18 acres of private woodland, two exercise paddocks, an indoor training center and grooming room. It also offers commercial boarding to the public for up to 20 dogs which supports the financial sustainability of the charity. 

Through SBW support and WCVA funding, Hope Rescue have has successfully created seven new jobs which consist of:

  • 2 x Animal Welfare Assistants
  • Fundraising Manager
  • Transformation Manager
  • Head of Welfare and Adoption
  • Welfare and Adoption Assistant
  • Finance Officer

Tricia Morgan, SBW Business Advisor

Through the Social Business Wales support, Hope Rescue were successful in securing funding to purchase the required property and land for the setting up of the rescue centre. Setting up of the commercial arm of the business allowed them to trade freely and re-invest profit back into the charity allowing it to continue delivering charitable work.

I’ve been very lucky to see Hope Rescue grow as a business within the last year; it proves that SBW support does make a difference and seeing businesses achieve their aims makes my job worthwhile.

Paula Rowe, Hope Rescue

Tricia from Social Business Wales has been an invaluable source of support for Hope Rescue as we transformed our charity by purchasing our first rescue centre and setting up a commercial trading company. She enabled us to access specialist advice in a range of different areas, from Human Resources to Finance, from Environmental Policy to Health and Safety. We cannot thank SBW enough for the huge difference their support has made. Tricia has been such a help to us that we really do consider her to be a friend as well as an advisor.


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