Social entrepreneurship human resource

When you start up a new business, you should consider the recruitment and employment of its people – the human resource

In a social business their involvement is often different and broader – it may include volunteers, employee owners or community owners. That’s why paying particular attention to how your social enterprise human resources are engaged is very important.

Human resource management in social enterprises

Some social businesses involve their employees in the governance of the organisation. In fact, worker co-operatives are owned and run entirely by their employees. In these cases the employment rights and responsibilities are exactly the same as for any other business. The governance of an employee owned business or worker co-operative just needs to take account of the multiple roles as employee, member and director. 

Download our guide to employing people for a detailed overview for managing human resources:

Social business help and support from Business Wales 

Business Wales offers a wealth of information, advice and guidance for business owners. Below, we’ve listed some useful resources on HR for social entrepreneurs.