Outside Lives

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Community-led social enterprise, Outside Lives, set up ‘by the people, for the people.’ Actively connecting members of the community through shared interests, activities, and events, all with the environment and sustainability at the heart. The organisation seeks to protect the earth by supporting personal well-being and growth through nature.


 Why is it important? 

Outside Lives works through its community members and partners to co-design and create sustainable, meaningful, and purposeful activities that help to strengthen relationships and form networks.

The community is centred on celebrating and protecting the natural world, caring for the Earth by increasing awareness and appreciation of the natural world. Its clear vision is to provide an outdoor permaculture space and activities which promote a sustainable living lifestyle and techniques to inspire members to limit their carbon footprint. It provides education to groups on food, shelter, and social structures for marginalised people and their families.

All of this is done with a commitment to fostering inclusivity and a culture of diversity which genuinely offers opportunities for everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, or ability, with common interests and ideas, leading to new relationships and better general health and well-being.


How we helped 

Outside Lives reached out to Social Business Wales to support its employment and volunteering growth. The team commissioned Easy Read UK to produce easy read versions of three policies (Disciplinary Policy and Procedure, Equality and Diversity, and Health and Safety Policy). SBW also helped produce animated video versions of these policies and procedures to better connect people with learning disabilities. In addition, SBW assisted Outside Lives to apply for grant funding to produce a recruitment advert, job description and application form in an easy read format to enable it to employ people with learning disabilities.


Impact of support

This support has helped Outside Lives genuinely create more inclusive pathways for vulnerable members of the community to get involved in the project, reducing the barriers to inclusion and helping more of the community get connected than ever before. Founder and Director Lucy Powell was full of praise for SBW, saying, “Being new to business, Jacqui Cross, our Business Advisor, has provided me and the business with an invaluable service and we wouldn't be where we are without her input.  Jacqui is consistent, prompt, professional, wholly supportive, friendly and approachable.  Having Jacqui to guide us through the processes is incredibly reassuring and gives me the confidence I need to learn and grow as a Director of a social enterprise.  Jacqui is an asset to Social Business Wales and I recommend her services to people where I see it's needed.”


Social Business Wales is funded by the European Regional Development Fund through Welsh Government and is delivered by the Wales Co-operative Centre.