Winning ‘best artisan sauce’ in BBC 2’s Top of the Shop with Tom Kerridge prompted Beatriz Albo to get online and make the most of this exposure.


Following support from Superfast Business Wales, Sabor De Amor is making the most of social media, to win more customers and move to bigger premises.


Find out how Superfast Business Wales could support your growth too!



My name is Beatriz Albo and I’m the founder of Sabor De Amor which means ‘the flavour of love’. I started the company in 2014-2015 and I basically bring Spanish flavours in a bottle to diners who want to recreate the experience they had from living in Spain or going on holiday.


When I started Sabor De Amor, I was cooking from my kitchen. I was making every sauce and going to farmers markets and food festivals and now the business has grown and expanded.


We recently took part in a competition organised by BBC 2 and it was called Top of the Shop with Tom Kerridge. We won the category for the sauces so we have become the best artisan sauce in the UK and it has been a fantastic opportunity as a business to grow, to get other people to buy our sauces and to know what we do and the fantastic flavours we provide.


As the business grew, I decided there were other things I needed to take care of so it was very important for me to contact Superfast Business Wales and take part in some of their workshops, and they were able to help me with everything from how to set up the data for the invoices and how to maximise exposure on social media, the analytics of the website, how those views could be converted in more sales.


They helped me to understand the different platforms, and when you actually have website it’s very important to know that they support any kind of the buyers whether it’s from a mobile, whether it’s from the tablet or whether it’s from the desktop computer. So, that’s something I maximised thanks to their advice, but it was also very important for me to make sure the bandwidth of the website was able to support the amount of traffic that we generate.


So, all in all, my online sales have been optimised thanks to the support I received from Superfast Business Wales.


It’s also very important at this stage to understand that social media plays a huge part in any business. I was able to launch a very successful online competition, I think we reached over 12,000 engagement with that post in the space of less than 24 hours.


As a business, you start small and everybody’s dream is to go big. I couldn’t have done it, I couldn’t have been in the position I am in now if it wasn’t for both, the television programme exposure and the help of Superfast Business Wales.


Thanks to both, I was able to engage with everyone, get all the revenue, I’ve been able to put a deposit now for a new unit so this is going to be a huge step for me. It’s something I would not have dreamed of years ago and now I cannot wait to have it all set up there and employ more people, and have more ideas, new products, new range, and be a huge platform that can be all over the country.

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