Hear how Superfast Business Wales helped Clwb Ifor Bach get to grips with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to target 20% growth to hit £1.2 million turnover.


Find out how we can help your business grow its turnover too.



Clwb Ifor Bach started in 1983 as a social club for the Welsh language community here in Cardiff. We then naturally evolved into a live music venue.


We put on a great mix of live acts, bands and artists from all over Wales and outside of Wales as well.


Our approach to marketing is predominantly Facebook and Instagram. Steffan who runs the marketing spends a lot of time on Facebook adverts and sponsored posts, really, and there’s working with artists and using their social media to help promote our shows. I contacted Superfast Business Wales because I saw they had a workshop on SEO, so Search Engine Optimisation. This was a subject I really couldn’t get my head around. Nothing seemed to be working.


Yeah I attended a workshop. They helped a lot. I can now confidently use analytics and actually look at who’s been in the building, who’s searching for us.


After that, we had a one to one session. We had great insights into how we use our website. Where we rank on Google, also a lot of things we were doing wrong.


The benefit of having a one to one session is it’s a lot more personalised. You end up having answers for specific questions about your business.


We’re also hoping to grow our digital marketing a lot more so that we can, you know, increase turnover by 20 per cent and hopefully over 1.2 mil.


We use apps and programmes called Tweetdeck and Schedugram. They allow you to schedule your campaigns so it saves a lot of time for us.


There’s not a lot of cost with digital marketing which is obviously a great benefit for an independent venue like ourselves.


You can spend hours and hours and hours flyering, putting posters up in shops but you don’t know who’s going to see them and how relevant that’s going to be. The beauty of Facebook and Instagram is you know exactly who you’re targeting and you target the right people.


My one to one session was free, my workshop was free.


I would definitely advise anyone marketing for business in Wales to get in touch with Superfast Business Wales – see what workshops they’ve got going on, what one to one sessions they can offer.


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