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Digital helps wellbeing centre feel good about the future

Run by mother-daughter team Hannah and Selena Booth, Magnolia Health and Wellbeing has embraced digital and social media to grow their business in the first year. Having never run a business, they approached Superfast Business Wales to learn how digital could help them focus on providing a wide range of wellbeing services to clients.


Hannah Booth, Manager, and Selena Booth, Owner

"Magnolia is a centre for health and wellbeing. It offers a range of therapies and weekly classes to the local community."

"We offer a range of complementary therapies, holistic therapies, ranging from reflexology, reiki and Indian Head. We do acupuncture, physiotherapy…"

"We offer things like counselling, mindfulness and meditation because there’s a such a large spotlight on wellbeing at the moment.

"We launched Magnolia in 2018, in May. It came about after tragically losing my husband in 2014 and one of the things that I found helped me profoundly was acupuncture."

"We took about 6 months doing the restorations and I think now we’ve got a beautiful centre that we’re really really proud of.

I’ve never run a business before and neither had my mum; it was totally new to us, so I reached out for a little bit of help and Superfast Business Wales were so supportive.

Initially, I went along to a course that lots of other businesses owners attended, which was great to share experiences. Following on from that, I had a 1:1 business visit with business advisers Paul and Scott.

Paul went through a lot of different things with me, from online accounting (and suggested a platform to use there) all the way through to search engine optimisation and then implementing that made us go from about page 3 or 4 as a new business on Google all the way up to the first page, which obviously had a great impact.

Our primary digital marketing tool is probably Facebook. We use it to post to our customers, keep them up to date with what’s going on. People are able to interact with your posts and that works really well. A spend on Facebook of no more than £20-30 a month would potentially get us about 30-40 more bookings.

In order to save time, Paul also suggested that I introduce a social media schedule which means that I can bulk prepare posts for our social media.

I built Magnolia’s website from scratch using a platform called Wix. It was super easy and a huge labour of love. We have an online booking system on the website which is super easy because it allows all of our clients to be able to book as and when they want to.

Adopting these technologies has really freed up a lot of time, which means that I can now focus on growing the business as opposed to spending time working within it."

"We have over 20 therapists that work from Magnolia."

I recommended that they also get involved with the Superfast Business Wales course because I found it so beneficial. Superfast Business Wales actually offered to come along to Magnolia and do a bespoke course for our therapists. They all took up the offer and it’s made us an even tighter team.

"I would definitely put people in touch with Superfast Business Wales for growing their business. They’ve been instrumental with their support and helping us growing our business in our first year."

We’ve got lots of exciting plans in the pipeline and wellness is such an important thing that we want to continue spreading the word and helping as many people as possible.

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