Abraham Lincoln once said that the best way to predict the future is to create it.

That’s certainly a theory shared by Anthony Luthersen Coaching, which provides a bespoke one-to-one service, centred around holistic guidance and support, to help people believe in themselves and make life-changing decisions.

With 25 years’ experience as a professional psychic and intuitive reader and armed with a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) coaching qualification, Anthony wants to help others unlock their passion and make full use of the talents they possess from his base in Neath.

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He said: “Since lockdown and the pandemic, people have decided that they want to make a change for the better and do something more meaningful with their lives."

“People are fighting to find what really drives them and my role is to listen and give them the confidence to chase their dreams. It’s about holding a mirror up and giving people permission to follow the path they feel is right for them.

“I hold individual sessions, during which I make sure I ask the right questions and from there I can help them find out what the next step is, break down any barriers, and let them follow their heart.

“It comes down to being able to tap into the right hemisphere of the brain, which controls creativity, spatial ability, and artistic and musical skills.”

Anthony set up the business towards the end of 2021, building up a portfolio of clients both in the UK and internationally, including in Norway and Spain via a variety of video calls and in-person meetings.

Eager to offer his services to a greater number of people, he enlisted the help of Superfast Business Wales to further develop the business, and the results have helped increase customer numbers by 80 per cent.

A one-to-one with adviser Catrin Davies-Harding was the first step in the process for Anthony, who also enrolled on social media and digital marketing courses.

He said: “Catrin was absolutely incredible. Focusing on my strengths and what was possible with the company, she provided a practical and detailed report for me to work through."

“Immediately she was encouraging and motivational and she really got a grasp of what it is I do and what I am trying to achieve.

“From the review of my website I was able to able to understand how to improve the search optimisation engine (SEO) by increasing the use of keywords, and as a result, make it more visible on the likes of Google.

“The current website is a temporary one, so I will be looking to apply the recommendations as soon as there is a new one in place, which will happen once I have a dedicated working environment at home this year.

“I was also urged to improve my online presence through social media. I had been operating through word of mouth, but opened accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to become more visible and help promote my offerings.”

Quote which says I can do it

Anthony has plans in place to grow the numbers as he increases the frequency of his social posts across all formats.

He continued: “Catrin suggested posting information about my coaching, as well as handy tips and advice, around twice a week and that is the target when I have the new office space up and running.

“It’s been wonderful to have really tailored advice so that the foundations are in place for me to hit the ground running.”

Despite Anthony’s current limited use of social media to promote his business, the impact of setting up the three accounts cannot be underestimated.

He explained: “It’s been great to use the different platforms to reach a wider audience, which has, in turn, helped increase the number of customers I’ve had by 80 per cent.

“Being online has not only helped me interact with more people, but it has helped build trust and that is showing in the increase of clients.”

Anthony also has plans to delve deeper into the world of digital marketing by utilising the knowledge imparted on him by Catrin.

Quote which says Intuition be your guide

“I’ve done a few things with regards marketing material in terms of posters on Canva, but I know there is much more I could be doing,” he said.

“I’ve signed up for a creating content course and that will help me improve on what Catrin has pinpointed in terms of quality and quantity, and ensure I spread the message of Anthony Luthersen Coaching to the right targets.

“Now we’re in 2023, a lot of people will be coining the phrase ‘new year, new me’, so tapping into that market by providing a supportive ear and directional advice is a goal of mine.

“I’m really interested in developing my services in the third sector, which includes charities, social enterprises, and voluntary groups.

“I believe that what I offer is suited to that area of business and with the help of Superfast Business Wales, I will be well-placed to grow in that space.

“I can’t wait to put the ideas I’ve been given into practice when I am set up in my new office.”

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