A pair of enterprising brothers who placed Facebook at the heart of their business’ marketing activity are on course to almost double their turnover target in their first year of trading.


Charlie and Sam Lewis set up Fit My Floor in February 2017, and the Newport-based company, which specialises in flooring solutions for domestic and commercial premises, has had a sensational first six months of operation.


2 men behind a "Fit my floor" counter


It has just taken on two new members of staff, and has ambitious plans to open a second showroom in the next three years.


Brand awareness was key


And their creative social media approach has resulted in Facebook accounting for 34 per cent of the business’ turnover.


The dynamic duo have also integrated technology across other aspects of the business to ensure a seamless customer experience from start to finish.


“We knew our biggest problem at the outset was getting the brand out there so people knew we existed,” said Charlie.


“I have a background in marketing, and complemented this with support from Superfast Business Wales by attending a workshop and having one-to-one advice.


“We needed a strategic approach”


“It’s well known that social media can be a powerful marketing tool. But there are just under 300,000 Facebook status updates every 60 seconds. In addition, it’s not enough to just throw money at Facebook to boost posts – about £1.75 billion is spent on social media advertising each year.


“We needed a strategic approach to cut through the noise.


“We combined engaging content such as competitions and videos with paid advertising and exceptional customer service to raise awareness of the brand and make it stand out amongst established national competitors.


“On average, we spend £150 per month to promote our competitions, which attract more than 1,000 entries and reach more than 100,000 people.”


Customer focused


The business places the customer at the centre of everything. For example, it introduced an electronic point of sale (EPOS) system, Clover Station, which supports the customer’s needs and demands. It has the ability to show pictures of products and, if all tills are busy, it even becomes a till so the customer isn’t left waiting.


The app-based system, accessible by phone or tablet from anywhere in the world, also stores customer information and sales history, doubling up as a CRM system.


The reporting function also allows Charlie and Sam to make tweaks offline and online to increase sales and productivity. For example, it highlights best-selling products, which means they can be positioned prominently in the shop within minutes.


In addition, the brothers monitor Facebook comments and messages on their phones at home to respond almost immediately, giving them a huge competitive advantage.


Charlie said: “If a customer sends us a message at 8pm, we’ve usually organised a time for the following day to carry out a free measurement.


“Some businesses haven’t even responded to the customer’s enquiry by the time we have quoted.


“It’s this customer-centric approach that has resulted in close to 100 five star reviews on the Facebook page.”


About future plans, he added: “We will be uploading all product images to the website and also exploring email marketing to keep us front of mind with customers.


“Whatever we decide to do, it will be carried out with the best interests of the customer.”


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