See how Carmarthen-based happiness and wellbeing shop, Spiffy has made the most of SEO support and integrated systems to grow sales by 60% in 6 months.


We’re Spiffy. We’re a happiness and positivity shop based in Carmarthen, in Nott Square. Everything we do is about living a happy and positive life, and helping people to overcome whatever obstacles they are facing so they can get more out of life.


Happiness and wellbeing is something that is really close to our hearts so our books, our affirmation cards, all our aromatherapy – everything we offer is designed to help you live a happy and more positive life.


So, from the start, Spiffy’s also offered a range of specialist workshops. We work with our trained counsellor and coach, Lesley to provide different areas that you might need some improvement in.


So being such a small team at Spiffy, it’s just the two of us, it was always essential to make use of technology and integrate systems as much as we could to free up our time and energy where we could, to focus on other things.


We use Shopify for our online store. That then integrates with our POS system in store and it also integrates with Xero which enables us to monitor our inventory and costs and do our own accounting.


When we first opened and launched our website, we knew we wanted to maximise our Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, so I went on a Superfast Business Wales SEO course which was really useful and really important for giving me a foundation of what SEO was and how I could use it in my business.


But we were looking to have something that was a bit more bespoke and give us some more information that was more tailored to our business so we met with an Adviser from Superfast Business Wales who was really good and gave us a lot of really useful information that was specific to our business.


That then resulted in an increase in sales by 60% in the first six months of this year. It continues to grow and a lot of that is based simply due to the SEO that we learned and gained from Superfast Business Wales.


We are constantly analysing our data using Google Analytics to find out how our customers are finding us, the journey that they take when they are on our website, demographic sort of information so we can build a picture of who our customer is and that’s invaluable to what we do.


Spiffy’s coming to the end of our first year and we’re really pleased with how the first year’s gone, both in terms of our shop and in terms of the online store.


One thing we really want to focus on is our workshops. They’ve been incredibly successful, the ones that we’ve run so far, and what we’ve found is that you really can’t beat the personal touch, face-to-face workshops so that’s something we’re looking forward to doing even more of in the following years to come.


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