Top Tips for Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

Is your digital marketing strategy up to scratch? Here are 10 key tips!

Know your audience

Who are they? How are they likely to find you? Take a browse of some of the users following your Twitterand Facebook accounts.

Make sure the basics are right

It’s no good building up if the foundations aren’t strong. Audit your website and social media accounts to find out where you’re starting.

Look out for competition

Who are they? Where are they? Follow local or sector relevant #hashtags on Twitter using Tweetdeck.

Decide the outcomes you want

What do we want? How do we get it? Create a target for Facebook Page likes or Twitter followers and find innovative ways to boost your visibility.

Start growing relationships

Engage with your followers on social media. Reply to tweets publicly and share posts which can create discussion.

Keep your customers updated

Make sure they remember you’re there. Start an e-newsletter with special deals or coupons.

Make it consistent

Brief all staff who update your sites. Your tone needs to be consistent across them all.

Keep monitoring

Use analytics to find out about specific audiences: who are they? How did they find you? Google Analytics is a great tool to look up website statistics.

Adapt your goals to a changing market

Keep an eye on new technology and how you can adapt. Set up a Feedly account to get updates from technology or digital marketing blogs.

Stay alert

Don’t get complacent: be innovative. Experimenting with new ideas is how you’re going to find what works best for you.