Top Tips for Creating New Content for your Website

Get inspiration

Take a look at other businesses or blogs within your sector and make a note of what they are doing well. It’s important to remember that original content is key, so take inspiration and nothing else!

Ask your audience

Who better to take advice from than the people who read your content? Ask your customers what they’d like to see from you – their responses could give you a list of new content to work on.

Create case studies

Help your potential customers understand what you’re doing well from the people who know best – your loyal customers!

Align content with upcoming events or dates

Take a look at any upcoming industry events, important dates or calendar events such as Easter and Christmas. Is there a way for you to tie in your expertise or comment on these?

Look at current trends

Keep up to date with the news, social media hashtags or prominent voices and blogs in your industry. Find a way for your business to get involved with these key topics and trends.


Give 'old' content a new lease of life by repurposing it. For example, you could take an old blog or research piece and turn the content into an easy-to-read infographic.

Ask colleagues to chip in

Get the team involved in sharing ideas or topics for content. Generating a discussion could help bring some creative ideas or hot topics to the surface.

Have you considered guest posts?

Do you have contacts that might be interested in writing a guest post for your blog? This can offer a fresh voice to your content.

Get analytical

Review the posts that have been successful for you in the past. Could you create something new in a similar style or put a new twist on the topic?

Be prepared

Unfortunately, mental blocks are unavoidable – however you can be prepared! Make sure you list down all your ideas when you’re feeling inspired and these could prove a helpful resource in the future.