Top Tips to Develop your Mobile Presence

Developing your business’ online presence means a lot more nowadays than setting up a simple website with a few graphics and your company’s contact details. Becoming a player in the digital sphere means creating a virtual version of your business. This could include a website, social media, videos and more recently, a mobile presence.

Thanks to the growth in digital technology, the online world is always on. Consumers are increasingly turning to their mobiles to access the internet and search, browse and buy from their favourite brands.

Developing your mobile presence can be a great way to grow your business. You could increase accessibility to your business, build your digital brand, grow your online audience, improve your search engine ranking and provide an easier way to sell and market your products or services.

Whether you’re a small one-person brand or a large business, it’s important that your business has a mobile presence. If you haven’t quite taken the steps towards becoming mobile, read our 6 tips to help you get started now:

Optimise your website

The most important thing you need to do is ensure your website is mobile friendly. This is a crucial part of your online strategy and a fundamental way to enter the mobile world. A site that is optimised for mobile is designed so that when it’s accessed via a smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device, the user receives the best experience of the site. A responsive design means the website will fluidly resize and alter the design to work no matter what size the screen is. Your website should ultimately be user-friendly, easy to read, simple to navigate and have good loading times, whether on mobile or desktop.

Develop a mobile app

Once you’re confident that your website is mobile-friendly, you could take a look at developing your own mobile app. By directly downloading your app onto their mobile device, your audience can connect with your brand at any time and you can directly communicate through automated notifications and messages. A mobile app is a great way for you to generate more sales, build your brand and develop a loyal community of customers. Read our blog on how to develop your own mobile app here.

Promote your app via marketing

If you make the decision to develop your own mobile app, it’s important that you make the most of your digital marketing activities to generate awareness. You could promote your app through a dedicated e-mail alert, regular call-to-actions in your email marketing, prominent download buttons on your website, social media updates or a special offer to existing customers who download the app. Take advantage of your existing customer base to grow your app downloads initially and ensure you’re prominently positioning the value of your app as part of your brand’s online presence to new customers.

Give incentives to mobile visitors to download your app

If you have a growing number of mobile visitors, take advantage of this to push your mobile app. If these customers are already visiting your site via mobile device, highlight the value of downloading and using the app instead. Demonstrate how they could save time, the ease of use and the added bonuses. You could offer initial incentives such as a specific discount codes, free delivery or a free upgrade.

Mobile advertising

Grow your mobile presence by advertising to a mobile audience. Due to the one-to-one nature of mobile devices, the ability to target specific ads to specific segments of users, and the offering of multiple touchpoints such as voice, text message and app messages, mobile advertising could prove much more effective than traditional internet ads for your business.

Mobile payments

Have you considered offering mobile payments as an option for customers? Rather than using cash, card or cheque, a consumer can use their mobile device to pay for service or products. This is a great way to develop your customer service as you can streamline the purchase journey for those customers who would prefer to pay via mobile and remove potential frustrations for those who don’t have cash or a card on them.

Do you know which digital technology tools could help you to save time and money?

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