Top Tips for Exploiting High Speed /Superfast Broadband

Follow these 10 tips to help you make the most of your broadband.

Be prepared

Even before installing Superfast Broadband, you can be planning for your use of it.

It's not only about the technology

The real difference is in what is enabled to happen in your business.

You have to do something to enable Superfast Broadband

Your existing Broadband service will continue unchanged. You will need to upgrade to a Superfast Broadband package.

Choose well

Compare the services being offered by the many service providers who can connect you to Superfast Broadband and create a list of potential suppliers.

Research the cloud

Discover services that can upgrade your capability or save you money across your new, reliable connection.

Check out your existing computer installation

Whilst your equipment may connect to Superfast Broadband, it could need upgrading to make best use of the additional data flow. Once line speeds cease to be a limiting factor, processing speeds may become a limiter.

Consider moving telephones on to VOIP

Voice over IP systems use your Superfast Broadband connection and may operate more effectively, cost less and add in function.

Have a flexible working policy

Flexible working can improve productivity in some business types, increase your potential for diversity and make more space in your offices for expansion. Ensure that all workers understand the terms on which flexible working is permitted and monitor productivity to ensure benefits are really being achieved.

Monitor benefits

Measure your productivity before installation to ensure that you can measure and understand the effects of the new connectivity.

Continue to monitor the market

As your needs change and the technology continues to improve, ensure you know whether you need to change suppliers or technology and do so in a managed process.


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