Instead of depending on the traditional local servers or personal computers to store, manage and process data, the cloud allows users to access and store this data over the internet. The cloud relies on a network of remote servers rather than a single machine and, as a result, offers businesses great benefits including business agility, unlimited capacity and reduced costs.


Here are 4 ways your business can use the cloud to cut costs and improve business productivity:


Reduce IT operating costs


As the cloud makes use of remote servers rather than in-house machines to store data, there is no need to buy expensive hardware and software. Due to the flexible nature of the cloud, businesses can ‘scale up’, adding capacity without requiring new physical hardware when workloads grow, or ‘scale back’ when capacity needs decrease so you’re not paying for something you don’t need.


Increase employee productivity


As the cloud can be accessed from remote locations and files are updated in real-time, your staff can be connected wherever they are and whenever they are working. By having one central hub for storing projects and files, you can ensure your employees are always connected and working from the same page.


Save on IT support costs


As well as reducing IT storage costs, the cloud can free up your IT staff to work on more innovative projects instead of focusing their time on maintenance and support of the physical hard drives and software.


Save on energy costs


By storing your data in a remote server, you eliminate the need for devices such as hardware and computers. As you reduce the running costs, you can make big energy savings and minimise your carbon footprint. Good for your business, good for the planet!


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