In the run up to the GDPR it’s likely that you ran some form of opt in campaign to gather consent and cleanse your email marketing data. If you saw a drop in subscribers, there are some key things you can start doing now to rebuild and grow your marketing lists.


It’s important to note that all your activities will need to be clear, explicit and have a documented policy for its purpose and retention in line with GDPR.


Take a look at the ICO website for more advice on this.


With that in mind, here are 8 ways to start growing your email list:


Quick email subscribe form on your website


Whether it’s a specific ‘sign up’ page or a short form placed on various pages of your website, a short email subscribe form should be available at key points on your site either where customers make a decision about, or get value from your business. Even if they’re not ready to convert now, they may want to stay informed.


Make the form simple!


Don’t put people off subscribing with a long form that is difficult to fill out. Avoid asking numerous questions with lots of options. Just collect the information that you need and make sure it’s quick and easy to complete.


Clear call to action


Make it clear that you want visitors to sign up to your emails. If you’re using buttons to direct users through to a specific ‘sign up’ page to collect details, make sure you have prominently placed buttons with active language. Read here about how to develop effective call to actions. 


Ask customers on your contact form


If you have a contact form on your site, you could include a button alongside the other key information you’re collecting asking visitors if they would like to subscribe to your emails.


Social media opt in campaigns


Use your social channels to promote the fact that you have an email newsletter. Share creative or attractive imagery to attract attention and include a direct link to the subscribe form.


Highlight the value or offer something in return


Why should people sign up to your email? Offer an incentive to encourage people such as a 15% discount or free ‘how-to’ guide, or describe the benefits that people will gain from being signed up.


Use a testimonial on the sign up page


If you’re attracting people to your sign up page but losing them at this point, think about adding customer testimonials to highlight the value that others have gained from your business.


Take the opportunity to refresh your email


Consider potential reasons why people may have unsubscribed from your email to start with. This is a good time to revaluate your emails and figure what is and isn’t working. What could be improved to make sure you keep your new subscribers?


Do you need support to grow your marketing list after the GDPR?


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