Businesses which embrace digital are outperforming the rest

After another eventful year, businesses are looking for more ways to communicate with customers online and increase sales in 2022.

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Technology has played a vital role in helping businesses adapt to digital and grow their online presence during the pandemic. Up to 41% of small business owners say their business would not have survived without digital tools, according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research.

Nevertheless, 39% of small businesses feel overwhelmed by the amount of digital tools available and 32% want to make more use of digital but are unsure how to start or where to go for advice.

Perhaps your business needs a hand getting found online, targeting the right audience, or turning prospects into loyal customers. Either way, the Superfast Business Wales team is ready to help, with free webinars and tailored one-to-one advice.

We supported 1,097 businesses in 2021 to help them create sales, save time, maximise resource and build digital confidence.

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Hazelwood Carpentry is just one of many businesses to benefit from the programme. The firm is forecasting 20% growth year on year since adopting digital systems into the business.

“The support inspired us to introduce new contract management software that has increased productivity by 20% and ‘future-proofed’ the business against the changing demands of the industry.

“We also launched a new customer-friendly website which reflects our digitally-focused approach.

“We’ve simplified our site map, cut down on the number of pages and been far more selective about the content we display.’’

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By taking advantage of our one-to-one support, digital marketing agency InSynch stayed ahead of the curve during the pandemic by hosting zero online meetings to over 900 in just five months via Google Meet.

“Without needing to travel, I’m easily 50% more efficient than I was before. The number of client meetings we can have has gone up significantly, so we’re serving our clients better.

“It was a great chance to get impartial feedback from outside of the business. It made us take a step back and focus on what was working and how we could apply that to other areas of the business.”

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Digital has certainly paid off for Abigail Hannah Makeup after kickstarting the new year with a bright outlook on sales and customer retention.

I noticed increased enquiries and new customers around a month after implementing the changes suggested by Superfast Business Wales.

“I had a basic, free website, which I only had because I knew I needed something. Now I have a website that looks more professional, but more importantly is found by people in search engines.

“In addition, I have installed a booking system, which allows people to book online instead of me having to manage this manually with the back and forth of sorting dates and times.”

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Overall, 3,615 businesses which attended our webinars in 2021, have made positive changes with digital. And we can help you do the same.

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