Your employees are one of your biggest assets. Therefore, it is important to keep them motivated.

Enthused staff are typically more productive, innovative and engaged with the business

This is not only great for individual and team morale, but can also help to grow your business too.


Digital technology offers a number of tools and platforms that can help you to inspire your staff. Taking advantage of the plethora of tools and platforms available online you can help your team become better organised, connected with colleagues, focused on personal development and involved in business activities.


Sharing and collaboration


Online collaboration tools that allow staff to work on and share documents, files and projects easily can help individuals to engage with their colleagues. This can help them to feel like part of a cohesive team, give them the space and facility to share their ideas and remove frustrations around being able to distribute files and information easily amongst colleagues.


Learning and working on the go


Digital technology such as mobile apps and the cloud can enable staff to become more flexible with their work and personal development. It’s important to treat staff as individuals and understand that they may have different needs and responsibilities. Mobile devices and easy access to documents via the cloud can allow staff to develop a great work-life balance. Flexible working opportunities can motivate staff to deal with important work issues whenever they occur, engage in out-of-work learning, increase their overall productivity and make them feel like a valued member of the team.


Online project management tools


Project management tools can allow individuals and teams to feel responsible for organising and delegating workloads and outputs. This can help motivate staff as they can take the lead on their work, use their initiative and feel trusted to complete quality work to deadlines. Managers can still review the overall progress as they will be able to monitor activities and processes without being directly involved. An overview of all staff and team progress will also allow you to feedback and praise as and when is appropriate, rather than waiting for monthly or annual reviews.


Develop clear communication channels


Online communication tools can develop clear channels for internal communications. These tools, such as Skype for Business, can allow staff to efficiently communicate about projects so that they aren’t held up waiting on delayed responses or wading through a cluttered email inbox. Offering easy methods for discussing issues, ideas and work can motivate staff to before more productive and efficient in their roles. 


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