Have you considered how artificial intelligence (AI) could transform how you manage your business, handle sales and support your customer relationships?


For small businesses, AI might seem like something of the future, or science fiction. However, in reality, it is not beyond your reach.


Artificial Intelligence can be as easy and affordable as installing and app on your phone – but could form a vital part of your IT foundations for the future.


According to Forrester, 12% of businesses are already using AI technologies in many aspects of the organisation.


To summarise, AI is an umbrella term that includes many different technologies such as automation, machine learning, data analysis, and voice recognition. For example, this could be something as simple as using voice recognition to confirm your identity when logging into you mobile banking app.


Nowadays, businesses can use AI to improve many internal systems and customer-facing services to transform how your business runs. These AI systems can provide you will the tools to turn complex, expensive and time-consuming tasks into ones that are quick and easy to manage.


Two key areas where small businesses can benefit from AI is within the sales and customer service teams. For example, your sales team is likely to have masses of information about your customers but extracting the meaningful data can be a challenge. A tool such as SalesforceIQ will take the leg work out of this role and help reveal new potential sales leads.


When it comes to customer service, this has been a key focus for AI over the last few years. AI could support this role by using ‘virtual agents’ from companies like Cogito, to help customers with their questions.


Improving customer service is important for any business, of any size. Using technology to support this activity could help increase your business’ call efficiency, boost customer service and improve loyalty – resulting in increased profits.


So, far from being a thing of the future, it is possible for small businesses to take advantage of AI opportunities today. From AI apps to help manage your business, to AI bots to carry out specific tasks, AI is just another digital tool that could help your business grow.


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