Are you managing your business data effectively to promote growth? 

The saying goes ‘the devil’s in the detail’ but for many businesses the devil is in the data. How you manage, monitor and use the data collected and created by your business will play a vital role in your overall success. Data presents a wealth of opportunities to small and medium sized businesses and this month we’re sharing the tips and technologies that can streamline how you handle and make the most of your business data.


Read on to discover how effective data management can help you to retain customers, improve staff productivity and grow your profits.


Data management experts reveal their top tips

Data is a hot topic for business and finding the best guidance for how to manage your data can be confusing. Hear from 20 data management experts on their top best practice tip. Read the article.


Big data demystified in 5 steps

If you’re confused about what ‘big data’ is then you’re not the only one. Big data is a valuable source that can help you to make better business decisions. Discover how you should start approaching it. What is big data?


The big data opportunity for small businesses

Big data might seem like something reserved for use by big businesses but in many ways it’s suited to small, agile businesses who can act on their data with speed and efficiency. Develop your own strategy with data.

Should my business invest in a CRM system?

By compiling data from your communication channels, a Customer Relationship Management system could give you the insights you need to improve customer engagement and sales growth. Read 4 reasons to invest this year.


Go digital with online file sharing

An online file sharing platform could enable your business to become much more agile, accessible and safe in the digital world. Read 6 best practice tips to help you manage and share your business documents and data more effectively. Read the blog.


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