Growing your social media profile shouldn’t just be about seeing your follower number rise – and that certainly shouldn’t be the extent of your social media strategy.


If you’re investing time, effort and money into your social media presence – whichever platforms you are using – you should try to get the most out of it.


The big question you should be asking is:

How are you going to turn your followers into customers?


Read below for 9 tips to help you start converting your social fans


Review your social profiles


What are you already posting? Reviewing your social media profiles will help you to reflect on the type of content you’re sharing, how customers are engaging with it and whether it’s actually driving traffic to convert. Ask yourself whether your posts are reflective of your brand, consumers really understand your products and services, and where you’re driving potential customers – if anywhere.


Find the balance between promotional and engaging content


Flooding your social media accounts with promotional content isn’t the answer. Although you’ll get your message out there, it’s more likely to put off potential buyers as well as lose you followers. Your main focus should be engaging content such as blogs, articles, posts, pictures and videos that will interest your audience. You can then look to share news, information about products and services and relevant sales or discounts.


Make the customer journey easy


Simplify the processes of taking a customers from the social platform to your website. This could be as straight-forward as making sure you have clear links to your website, relevant direct links or information in the posts you share as well as ensuring your website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly. 


Call to actions


Although it’s important to keep a good balance between sales-led and engaging, value-based content, it’s important to include clear calls to action on your posts. Whether you’re driving potential customers to your homepage, a specific landing page or a blog, it’s important that your CTA inspires action. Read our blog on how to make the most of your call to action.


Share customer reviews and user-generated content


Social media is a great platform for two-way conversations with your customers. Highlight the value you already offer to existing customers by sharing customer photos, reviews, feedback, blogs and any other user-generated content (UGC). Help potential customers understand more about your products and services with genuine feedback.


Interact with your customers


Potential customers may be gauging how you interact with existing customers to get a feel for whether you’re a brand they want to invest in. Your social profiles should positively demonstrate how you value customers, respond to their queries and take the time to listen and respond. 


Offer specialised deals e.g. on Instagram stories


Give something back to social fans – not only can this help your customers feel valued for using your business but you can help drive more social followers and encourage first time customers. Consider sharing specialised codes for Twitter or a hidden discount in your Instagram story as you will also be able to track the purchases driven by these specific discounts.


Create custom landing pages


Track the traffic being driven from your social media with a dedicated landing page. You’ll be able to gauge how many people are making the journey from the social media platform to your website – and how effectively you’re driving traffic through the buying process.




The beauty of digital marketing is the flexibility to make changes and improvements as and when you need to. Make the most of analytics tools to understand how your followers are engaging with your posts. By understanding what is and isn’t working, you can start tailoring your efforts to see better conversion.


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