VoIP is a fairly simple technology to understand and adopt but it can have huge benefits for businesses of any size.


Voice over IP or VoIP allows telephone calls to be made over a high-speed internet connection. This system means calls can be free or much lower cost, regardless of where the calls are taking place.


Below are 3 reasons why you should consider investing in VoIP – with real life examples from Welsh businesses already benefitting from the software!  


How can you cut costs dramatically?


Nordic International operate from a home base in Rhondda Cynon Taf, but manage a network of more than 70 professional journalists and translators. Co-owner, Andrew Draper highlighted how “a job that involved a 30-minute telephone interview with a fund manager in Greenland” would cost the company “more than the fee that we received”.


By introducing internet-based calls, Nordic have now reduce their phone bill from “£500 per quarter” to “about £20 per month”. Read more about their story here.


Just like Nordic International, switching traditional calls to VoIP could provide massive savings, especially if you’re making calls on a regular basis or have clients and customers based across the world. If you’re both using VoIP systems then the calls will be free!


Work anywhere, any time


Hope Rescue is a charity that was set up in 2005 to help stray and abandoned dogs in South Wales. As they have a rescue centre in Llanharan and a charity shop in Pontypridd, it’s important that the team stays connected.


Not only does VoIP allow the two sites to keep communicating, but it allows the charity to keep delivering their vital work at any time of day. The system allows staff to take calls out-of-hours which means people can call at any time to tell them about dogs they have seen or found, in need of help.


By investing in VoIP, businesses like Hope Rescue can ensure they are always connected, whether staff are off the premises or working outside of normal hours.


Improve team productivity


With over 12,500 acres of land, a shop on-site, a bistro and a grab-and-go restaurant, there are a lot of elements that keep Rhug Estate running. Since having voice over IP installed by a local supplier, the connectivity between the shop and the wholesale department of Rhug Estate has massively improved (as well as bringing over £4,000 of savings in the first year).


If your business has teams working across various sites – or even across the world – it’s important that communication is stable and continuous to make sure the team can work effectively together, despite the distance.


If you think your business could benefit from reduced costs, more flexible working and improved productivity, take a look at our handy Software Directory to learn about some of the Voice over IP systems available to small and medium sized businesses!

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