It’s likely that you’ve heard of Office 365, but why should you consider using it in your business and what are the real benefits of using the service?


Far from being just a grouping of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Office 365 is a subscription service that gives you access to numerous cloud-based products and tools which can enable you to improve security, analyse data, save money, work in real-time and boost team productivity.


Here’s 7 reasons why you might want to use Office 365


Easy to maintain


As Office 365 is available on the cloud, you can forget about the hassle and associated costs of local servers. All the updates and maintenance is managed by the service so you can focus on your work.


Get more done


Your team can store files online and easily access them from anywhere at any time. Remove delays in accessing important documents and ensure everyone stays up to date by working on the same document in real time.


It grows with your business


No matter how big or small your business, a subscription service like Office 365 allows you to pay for what you need. If your business starts to grow, you can just pay for the additional services or storage needs. Similarly, if you need to scale back then you can cut back on costs too.


Protect your data


You can help protect your company against online threats as you will be working on the most up-to-date and secure versions of the tools and products you are using.


Choose your device


If you prefer to work from you laptop on the go, or update a project from you mobile then you’re free to. Using the cloud means you’re no longer chained to the office desk and desktop pc.


Keep your tools in one place


It’s likely that your business relies on a number of tools and platforms – but by using Office 365 you can keep all the tools you want to use in one place, making them easier to locate and access.


Work online to boost productivity


As staff are able to access files and documents online and make edits in real time, you can develop more streamlined and collaborative approaches to working. You don’t need to email each other documents to download or send updates about the edits, they’re already there!


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