Anglesey Sea Zoo

Anglesey Sea Zoo

Sustainability and Conservation

Environmental sustainability and conservation are at the heart of what they do at Anglesey Sea Zoo – they minimise their impact on the environment by recycling, monitoring their energy use, and by using and supporting local products and producers.


With over 40 tanks displaying the best of British marine wildlife, Anglesey Sea Zoo pump water directly from the Menai Strait, into the tanks, to create a natural environment in the aquarium. They also have an area to imitate crashing waves where a tonne of water is dumped down in the tank every 30 seconds! 
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The team at the Sea Zoo created a composting area and started recycling waste, with 95% of waste on site recycled or composted.
There are recycling facilities across the whole site for visitors and the Sea Zoo produces virtually no landfill waste. They have also removed single use plastics. Visitors can also purchase bespoke branded reusable products. 
You will also find the team on their regular beach cleans at Tan-Y-Foel Beach, with data from the litter surveys being sent to the Marine Conservation Society for research.
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In 2017, Anglesey Sea Zoo was the first aquarium in the UK to be powered by solar energy, following the investment in a 50kW PV system of 166 high-efficiency solar panels. These contribute significantly to the overall energy consumption requirements of the business. 
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Conservation is increasingly the most important aspect of the work of any aquarium. With the ever-expanding human population and the competition for both land and other natural resources, many species of plant and animal have already become extinct at the hands of man, while others are under great pressure from overfishing and other destructive human activities.
It is for this reason that Anglesey Sea Zoo has developed and is running captive breeding, release, conservation and education programmes. 

Sustainability with Frankie Hobro, Anglesey Sea Zoo (English Only)
Sustainability with Frankie Hobro, Anglesey Sea Zoo (English Only)

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