The roost

The Roost - Merthyr Tydfil

Sustainable at Heart

A small self-catering cabin site tucked away in a quiet spot, The Roost Merthyr Tydfil is the perfect location and set up for mountain bikers, hikers, cyclists and outdoor lovers. With sustainability firmly at the centre of what they do, they are always looking at ways in which they can reduce their impact on the environment.

The roost water


The Roost are dedicated to harvesting rainwater, collecting and storing rainwater in Merthyr Tydfil, to reuse throughout the site. With two large water butts, the water stored is used to flush toilets, wash bikes and water the garden, saving a considerable amount of drinking water. 

If the tanks run low, their rainwater back up system switches to mains, so they never run out. The shower rooms have push button showers and taps to limit water wastage, and the toilets have low level flushes and also use rainwater. To find out how you can implement changes within your business - download our Water Resource Pack.

The roost - waste


At The Roost, you won't find plastic sponges or bottles. In fact, all their cleaning/laundry products, hand washes and shampoo/body washes are eco-friendly and refilled, limiting their use of single use plastics and deliveries.
They also recycle as much as possible and encourage guests to do the same, with separate collections for cardboard, glass, plastic and tins, and food.

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The roost - energy


With guests arriving and leaving every day, even the shower rooms don't waste energy. With LED lights and extractor fans on motion sensors, there’s no switches so no electricity is wasted there. The heater also cuts out if left on. Cabins on site are well insulated and have LED lights and Wi-Fi controlled heaters. But it doesn't stop there. 

The Roost have installed solar panels in several places around the site, and battery storage so they can offset some of the electricity usage. They've also installed a twin EV charging point so that guests can charge their EV vehicles whilst on site.
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The roost - travel


The Roost is the perfect place for mountain bikers, hikers, cyclists and outdoor lovers. Although it's tucked away in a quiet spot in Merthyr Tydfil, its location means it's easily accessible by public transport (the train station is only five minutes away) - which they strongly encourage. With plenty of bike storage, wash spaces and more, the team want visitors to be as sustainable as possible when travelling around the area. 

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Sustainability with Kath & Kris Morgans, The Roost (English Only)
Sustainability with Kath & Kris Morgans, The Roost (English Only)

Part One

Sustainability with Kath & Kris Morgans, The Roost (English Only)
Sustainability with Kath & Kris Morgans, The Roost (English Only)

Part Two