The vale

The Vale

A Passion for Sustainability

The Vale Resort includes a 143-hotel, two championship golf courses, a health & racquets club, Wales’ largest spa, and the Grade 1-listed Hensol Castle with its 23 bedrooms, distillery, and visitor experience. The venue also has 7 pitches used as the training base for Wales’ rugby and football teams, employs 500 people, and has a host of measures in place to make it as sustainable as possible.

Vale water


The Resort has two bore holes and a natural spring which are used as the main source of water for the hotel, and are also used for irrigation for the golf courses and pitches.
A complex system of lakes across the 650-acre estate and a 20-acre dammed reservoir attenuates the effects of heavy rain before the water finally reaches the River Ely.
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On-site at The Vale Hotel, you'll find that they have their own sewerage treatment plant, which serves The Resort and the village of Hensol. The Resort operates segregated waste and recycling programmes for cardboard, glass, paper and food waste. Waste is also compacted to improve recycling efficiencies and it reduces the number of pick-up journeys. 
All garden waste is recycled on-site and the teams are phasing out print marketing and replacing it with digital alternatives. 
If you're staying at The Vale Hotel, you'll see that hotel amenities have been switched to an environmentally friendly brand, with biodegradable packaging. 
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The Resort has recently invested £300,000 in solar panels to service its hotel and leisure operations. There is also air source heat pump technology for heating and cooling, which has been used for the last twenty years.
Teams are currently replacing older lighting with more efficient LED alternatives, and they are reducing energy consumption from on-site provisions for water, sewerage and garden waste. 
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Supply Chain

Whether you're visiting an on-site restaurant, or hosting your wedding at The Vale Resort, you'll find local suppliers are used at every available location. From the rooms, to the bar, through to Hensol Castle, as much as possible is sourced from local providers.
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A golf buggy is a usual site at every golf course, and The Vale Resort is no different. You'll find a fleet of 50 electric buggies available, and they are replacing the existing fleet of company vehicles to electrical alternatives wherever possible.
Owners of electric vehicles will also find somewhere to charge their car in early 2023, as there will be several EV charging points installed on-site. 
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Sustainability with Stephen Leeke, The Vale Resort (English Only)
Sustainability with Stephen Leeke, The Vale Resort (English Only)

Part One

Sustainability with Stephen Leeke, The Vale Resort (English Only)
Sustainability with Stephen Leeke, The Vale Resort (English Only)

Part Two