Covid-19 support and funding

The coronavirus outbreak has presented us with a number of challenges and stretched our capacity to deliver products, processes and services that meet the growing demand placed on our NHS and care services.

The Welsh Government are supporting innovative businesses and research organisations based in Wales to deliver the solutions that address these challenges.

COVID-19 RD&I: Research, Development and Innovation projects to develop new or improved essential products or processes.

Return to work safely. Guidance for employers in Wales.

Practical support. Independent advice.

Support is available to help businesses manufacturing products in all sectors through their recovery. SMARTInnovation will provide assistance to plan and implement changes to incorporate reasonable measures that ensure safe working practices that comply with Welsh Government legislation and guidance within the workplace.

Experts will work with you to identify opportunities to deliver safe working environments, employing innovative methodologies to maintain, and potentially improve productivity.

SMART Productivity support is free to businesses in Wales, provided by the Welsh Government and is supported by EU funds.

Experts will work with you, free of charge, to plan and help you implement the productivity and design improvements needed.

To speak to an advisor please email: