Marine Litter Action Plan for Wales


The core principles of the Plan are prevention, collaboration and long-term solutions.

The Wales Clean Seas Partnership (WCSP) developed the Marine Litter Action Plan (MLAP) for Wales. Welsh Government supported the development of the plan.

The MLAP aligns with the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act:

  • A Resilient Wales: Taking action to reduce and remove marine litter from our seas will improve the health and biodiversity of the marine environment
  • A Healthier Wales:– Visible litter in Welsh waters and coastline could reduce, promoting positive well-being for users of the Welsh marine environment
  • A Globally Responsible Wales: Marine Litter is a global issue and by delivering the MLAP Wales will make a contribution to global well-being. Additionally local economies dependant on tourism could be boosted due to the reduction in visible marine litter  

Lesley Griffiths, Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs supports the Marine Litter Action Plan. She said:

The issue of marine litter continues to be one of the major threats to our seas and our marine environment. I remain committed to ensuring Wales is at the forefront of addressing these pressures faced by our marine ecosystems.

The Wales Clean Seas Partnership continues to develop and engage with an ever-increasing audience, raising awareness and supporting high profile events such as the Volvo Ocean Race stopover in 2018.

I support the Marine Litter Action Plan 2020-23, which continues to build strong evidence, policy development and championing collaborative working.

I look forward to hearing how this plan progresses.

The Marine Litter Action Plan is an evolving document which is reviewed on a 3 year basis. The document includes emerging threats and issues, with new initiatives to tackle them.

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