Aber Valley Community Wind Turbine

Aber Valley Community Turbine Limited is a Special Purpose Vehicle owned by Senghenydd Youth Drop in Centre which is a charity. Aber Valley Community Turbine Limited have gained planning consent for a wind turbine at Graig yr Hufen Farm. They have an option to lease in place and secured a grid connection offer.

They have planning consent for a 900 kW wind turbine, however unfortunately the distribution network at the site is constrained and therefore their grid connection offer is restricted to 300 kW. As such the group are currently investigating ways to maximise the potential income generation of the wind turbine, for example through storage on-site, hydrogen production, and use of refurbished wind turbines. This project is based on exploring these areas, via an appropriate feasibility study, to assist decision making and to properly inform the various business case options for implementation.


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LEADER Local Development Fund


Kevin Eadon-Davies
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01443 838632
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