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Our present projects include farm and woodland based eco-therapy schemes which support people with a range of specific and complex sensory needs who come to us under the learning disability label. We would like to expand this area of our work, especially to make it more valuable for people recovering from mental health issues, through the development of a specific Natural Therapy Health Service which would build on, and expand our present work, with a much more in depth focus on the health and healing aspects. The Project which we are hoping to fund through LEADER is the funding of a Feasibility Study looking into how best to develop this Service. 
We also plan to make a short and accessible film which can be used as a way of introducing the concept of Natural Health Centres, leading on to a more in depth and academic on-paper Feasibility Study To date we have used the natural world as a tool for engagement with the added obvious benefits which come of spending time outside, with others, on a meaningful project. This Project would enable us to research the viability of Clynfyw becoming an innovative pioneer in natural therapy in Pembrokeshire. It would look into the wide range of related work done of leading horticultural therapy charities (such as Thrive) and experienced practitioners around the UK and the pioneers of northern Europe.


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LEADER Local Development Fund


Jim Bowen
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01239 841236
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