Deorfa Wledig

Rural Incubator, establishing specific structures to support and promote the development of enterprise and entrepreneurship through the medium of Welsh. It will create a package that will include a suitable space for small enterprises, business advice, mentoring, placement opportunities with businesses/matching service, access to finance and a tailored course/workshop package. This project would set up a bilingual call centre in Machynlleth which would be used by third sector bodies and public sector organisation, as well as businesses, to answer and direct phone calls through the medium of Welsh or English as appropriate. It is built on an open source model, with the learning shared with other organisations looking to set up a similar system, and uses tapered funding to support start-up costs for a business which it hopes will become self-sustaining and independent from Menter Maldwyn.


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LEADER Local Development Fund
Arwain, the LEADER Programme in Powys - Case Studies


Elwyn Vaughan
Telephone number:
07806 418059
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