Digital Community Cardigan

To support a community engagement, consultation and awareness exercise to develop a project that will install innovative iBeacon technology providing information and free public wi-fi in the centre of Cardigan town. 
This project will include: 


  • Meetings (with community services providers): to consult and determine best practice to engage/inform service users/clients
  • Consultation meetings (with town business organisations): to expand their engagement and develop criteria for software design
  • Learning sessions (working with Wales Co-op): to provide community officers and business owner/managers with the means to pass digital knowledge on to their service users/clients/staff
  • Consultation with stakeholders: to develop content for iBeacons on visitor information, heritage, etc
  • A case study: that can be passed on to other similar projects
  • Promotional material: to raise awareness of the consultation process and to promote the facility
  • Research and designing a management system: to ensure sustainability after hardware has been installed. 


Project details

Funding amount:
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LEADER Local Development Fund


Cynnal y Cardi
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01545 572063
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