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This is the 2nd phase of a project under Digital Villages (Llanfechell, Talwrn, Bryngwarn) arising from a feasibility study looking at digital ways of sharing local history focusing on the use of three types of delivery mechanisms for the three villages to attract visitors from the coast to inland Anglesey. Bryngwran, Llanfechell and Talwrn are three small inland villages with many stories to tell. They have strengths in both the built and natural environment but struggle to attract tourists to their communities. Each one has worked hard to develop community run enterprises e.g Talwrn was the first community to own its own shop and run entirely by volunteers, Bryngwran has the first community owned pub on the island and Llanfechell runs a community hub with a post office and caf. These communities are very rural and would like to use the diversity of their areas and their history to improve the heritage tourism product in their areas. The pilot activity is split into two phases, the 1st phase of the pilot begins with testing the product in Bryngwran and the 2nd phase is, preparing a brief with advice from an independent specialist. Piloting in the two other areas is dependent upon the success of phase 1 and the recommendations given by the independent specialist. BRYNGWRAN - The Iorwerth arms in Bryngwran, the islands only community owned pub will be organising a festival full of historical and cultural influences on 27th of May 2017 which is celebrating the story/fable of Madam Wen Gwyl Madam Wen and wish to add value to this event by launching a new digital product which will be piloted in the pub with a view of sharing this information and technology with other villages and community buildings. Using an I pad for the hardware (provided by Menter Mon) the prototype will be tested by: 


  • Bringing the Madam Wen book to life with technology including image and object recognition and translation. This would allow the audience to view the first few pages of the book, to bring the story to life, and to also instantly translate from Welsh into English. 
  • Pointing the iPad at the picture of Madam Wen - this would then immediately bring to life Madam Wen - a 3D interactive character that could be riding on a horse riding or flying on a dragon (therefore character rigging and animation) and it would also be augmented in 3D to tell the story. 
  • Taking a selfie with Madam Wen - Madam Wen (a 3D character - life size) would sit next to you - having a pint?! and you can take a selfie! LLANFECHELL will focus on a pilot based upon testing virtual reality with an Oculus Rift headset in a community building setting. 
  • The creation of an App - free to download, android and IOS GPS led, so no signal problems once App is downloaded 
  • The Community to create historical content - much of which is already available 
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality - via Oculus rift headset available in the shop with a 3d interactive site plan 
  • The programme will re-create a visual experience - for past events/buildings etc in the village square 
  • Visitors will also be able to use smart phone technology - to visualise other scenes of historical significance including buildings like the church and the clock via google cardboard glasses available from the shop and use their smartphone to see past events unfold TALWRN will focus on a pilot based upon testing a prototype using mobile phone technology with 3 D (animation)for natural environment interpretation at Cors Bodeilio. The technology used is described below:- 
  • Creating a bi-lingual digital environment platform in the form of an APP which will be populated with 3 D models and animation of the environment, wildlife and habitats Creating a nature trail which is GPS led and will interpret wildlife and landscape digitally rather than on information boards or not at all Content to be sourced from NRW and RSPB 
  • Linking a local history book written by the community for the community to the App and adding value to the product on offer. All the above activity will be linked to social media (public) as part of generating awareness, marketing and promoting the history of these villages. Local newspapers and TV companies will be approached and monitoring and evaluation of the pilot will be on-going via frequent meetings with the community, recording/filming interviews, comments, completing questionnaires and digital collection of data.


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