Egin Gegin

We have identified that the community group Cymydmaen Cyf is looking at options of transferring the commercial kitchen - Egin Gegin - to create use and the development of food schemes within it.

There has been no use of this unit for a long time, so it is an opportunity to create a scheme to promote a local resource and develop products/local producers in the Pen Llŷn area. We have worked with experts in the food sector to identify opportunities and uses for the kitchen.

Before use can be made of the Egin Gegin, the unit will have to be re-located from the school site in Botwnnog; we have identified a new location and, in discussions with the Cynefin group, we will move the kitchen to the Congl Meinciau site on the main road in Botwnnog.

The pilot will be to demonstrate if there is a need for this type of facility in a rural area such as Pen Llyn, and how it can help local businesses into taking the next step from their kitchen into using a commerical premesis and giving them support along the way.

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Rhys Gwilym
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