Nature Area for Outdoor Learning

The pupils of Bishopston Primary and local community want to encourage Outdoor Learning, The plan is to create a nature area which can be used everyday as a working area for children. 

Increasingly, when children are at home, they spend more time inside: watching innumerable amount of television channels, playing computer games, on phones etc. This is in part because parents feel concerned about allowing children out to play independently.  

Bishopston Primary feels there is a moral obligation to re-address the balance and get children connected to the outdoors.

The school has plenty of space outside, however, it is felt that the school needs to make this more purposeful.  The area identified to develop will have shelter, storage and furniture for pupils to work at. 

The school, including the Governors, parents, staff agree with the aim to make Bishopston a place which is prosperous, where our natural environment is appreciated and maintained and where every person can have the best start in life and have every opportunity to be healthy, happy, safe and the best they can be.  School is the beginning of this for young children. The school’s vision is “we care for one another and be the best that we can be”

The school has had an enormous impact on the community, helping to set the tone in the community. Whilst this is a small project, the school aims contribute to the aims of Swansea LDS by improving health, maintaining and enhance biodiversity; reducing their carbon footprint; and crucially improving knowledge and understanding of our natural environment. 

This project is looking to the long term as well as focusing on now.  It’s only through developing and nurturing in children a love for the outdoors, for nature, for the environment that can have a lasting impact on the area’s carbon footprint, or secure the natural resources and biodiversity currently present.

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LEADER Local Development Fund
Nature Area for Outdoor Learning


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