Siarter Iaith

The project will respond in an innovative way to local needs regarding the Welsh language, using linguistic and cultural heritage as a means of supporting and developing the use of Welsh. It will also respond strategically to the County Council’s language policy and Carmarthenshire Language Charter. We will be looking at using Carmarthenshire Language Charter as a means of giving the county’s children the opportunity to develop skills, increase linguistic and local awareness and take part in exciting and fresh activities. Implementing the Language Charter is an innovative step in Carmarthenshire and its aim is to increase children’s social use of the Welsh language while inspiring our children and young people to use Welsh in all aspects of their lives. One of the main essences of the Language Charter is to collect detailed data on the linguistic habits of the county’s primary school pupils while presenting a micro-level picture of the situation across the county.

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LEADER Local Development Fund


Aled Nicholas
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01267 224496
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