Taf Fechan Landscape & Community Project

The Brecon Beacons Mega Catchment (BBMC) programme is working proactively and at a landscape scale throughout our water catchments to try and understand, reduce and prevent water quality issues at source. The cleaner and more reliable the water in the environment the fewer chemicals and less energy needed to produce wholesome drinking water. Many of the actions needed to improve water quality will also deliver multiple other benefits such as more sustainable agriculture, nature recovery, landscape enhancement and community well-being.

One of the initiatives arising out of this approach is the Taf Fechan Landscape & Community Project which is focused on the catchment at Pontsticill reservoir. This catchment is an area of 1628 hectares (16.28Km²) and provides private and public water supplies to over 162,000 properties. It is, however, classed as a drinking water Safeguard Zone. This is an area at risk of deteriorating water quality and will be a focus of proactive management and engagement to protect and improve water supplies.  Current water quality issues include algae, excess nutrients and the presence of taste and odour forming compounds, which although not a risk to health, do result in a musty flavour which leaves the water unacceptable to the customer.

The project officer will work with Pontsticill Community and engage with residents with private water supplies, septic systems and oil storage tanks around the catchment, providing guidance on identifying problems and long-term maintenance to prevent damage to the environment.  

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LEADER Local Development Fund
Merthyr Tydfil


Harri Evans
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01685 725463
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