On your Bike

The intention of this project is to work with young people across Ceredigion by engaging with children and students to survey their opinion on having a variety of outdoor static “bikes” situated across Ceredigion that will charge mobile phones and which could also generate electricity for the national grid in the longer term.

The “On your Bike” project is based on the need to increase and mainstream physical activity in everyday life. It is likewise linked to environmental issues in that it generates clean energy from sustainable sources – human physical power. It is particularly aimed at young people and will provide a link between physical activity and the high level of engagement with mobile phones devices that is prevalent in young people today.

Supporting the use of these bikes for energy generation will be a campaign to raise awareness of the sites, which will also serve to raise awareness of the benefits of physical activity and outdoor recreation. These benefits are not only on participants’ health, but also on well-being, both aspects of which will be measured during the research period.

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LEADER Local Development Fund


Cynnal y Cardi
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01545 572063
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