Co-operation and Supply Chain Development Scheme

Expression of Interest - Round 6 now open until 16 September 2019

Measure 16.2 (a) – Pilot projects


1.    This CSCDS Expression of Interest application window will be open from 5 August 2019.
The closing date for applications is 16 September 2019.
EOIs may be submitted at any time throughout the EOI window.

2.    There are no more windows for the Co-operation and Supply Chain Development Scheme.

Funds available

3.    Round 6 of Co-operation & Supply Chain Development Scheme has a budget of £8.216 million.


4.    Support for co operation activities must demonstrate at least two entities are involved in the proposed project.  Project proposals that are a priority for support are those that will operate on a Pan-Wales basis or at a significant sub-regional basis (three or more Unitary Authority Areas) and clearly demonstrate a wide range of entities working together through: 

•    A range of different operators within a supply chain and/or
•    Creation of clusters and networks

5.    Project proposals that have a narrow focus such as a local geographic area or a limited linear supply chain and project proposals that are investigative trials or studies of new technologies or techniques that do not have a significant co operation and collaboration element are not a priority for support.

Applicants may submit questions about their EOI application and the process by email to: CooperationScheme@gov.Wales 

More information about the Co-operation and Supply Chain Development Scheme can be found here: