Social Business Management Zone

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Covid-19: Support for your social business

Social Business Wales and its team of expert advisors are on hand to provide help with enquiries about cash flow, HR, digital platforms, marketing and communications and a range of other areas which might need re-thinking in light of the current situation.

Business planning for a social business

A Social Business requires good management but with particular focus on what is required to achieve the social mission.

Accounting for social businesses

Quality systems for social business

This section looks at developing an appropriate and affordable quality system.

Financial control in social business

Good management requires the husbanding of resources and the avoidance of leakage, wastage, even of fraud.

Human resources development in a social business

Engagement between a Social Business and its workforce can be sophisticated and complex, even unusual. People Management needs careful consideration.

Marketing for a social business

The Marketing function of a Social Business is about much more than selling a product to a consumer. It is about developing a relationship and understanding between the enterprise and those whom it serves. This section looks at how this can be achieved.

Managing risk in a social business

This section deals with techniques for spotting, assessing and reducing risk in a Social Business.

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