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A study to research and identify the opportunities of collaborative working that would improve the availability and innovativeness in the range of lamb produce available. By learning and understanding more about the lamb supply chain the group would research the developing of new lamb produce for the food service industry, utilising lamb trim (meat that is usually of low value). This project was completed in 2017 with results being positively in favour of further developing new recipes or ways of cooking lamb trim.

The study will see the group increase their understanding of the supply chain, gain valuable customer feedback on the new lamb cuts, and will raise the awareness of lamb trim. 

What was the result of your project?

Eight farmers from the Conwy came together to form Ffermydd Teuluol (Family Farmers) in order to take control of their farmgate returns.
Trading as 8 O Ni (8 Of Us), and in the latter stages of market testing four premium products designed to make the most of lamb fore-quarters, traditionally the hardest part of the carcass to sell.

8 of Us approached Conwy Cynhaliol’s Supply Chain and Business Partnership Officer Rhys Evans following initial research to develop new lamb products for supermarkets and retailers for funding towards a feasibility study.

The eight farmers: Emyr Owen, Bodrach; Arwyn Evans, Foel Cathau; Euros Williams, Llethr; Trystan Sion, Ty’n y Coed; Barry Wanklyn, Pantllin Mawr; Elwyn Evans, Treiddion; Euros Owen, Llwydfaen, and Michael Jones, Ffridd – needed to carry out important market research before the larger super markets would stock the products.

“The aim is to provide a quality product that can be cooked quickly, so offering the convenience that the market demands,” said Michael, the group’s spokesman.

“We want to utilise the difficult-to-sell fore-quarters that taste every bit as good. We aim to show how high quality pasture-fed lamb can be delivered from farm to plate, but we’re doing by offering the market what it wants, not forcing a product on the market.”

Conwy Cynhaliol supported “8 of Us” by funding a Feasibility Study to make better use, and develop modern recipes for the lamb ‘trim’, and complete thorough market research that included feedback from members of the public, and to introduced the concept to the supermarkets and retailers.

The aim of the activity was to determine if there was a market and demand from the public for innovative PGI Welsh lamb produce, that is convenient and can be cooked in a short amount of time, and receive further feedback on branding concepts that will be developed. The work scopes the potential of the whole chain where there will be discussions with processors, wholesalers and retailers so that we can have a better idea of the volume that would be possible to sell, and to understand the needs of the suppliers’ contracts.

Trystan Sion said,

“On behalf of ‘Ffermydd Teuluol’ we would like to thank Conwy Cynhaliol for the financial support that allowed us to carry out all the research that was required. Through carrying out the market research we had a much better understanding of the market and has given us a great platform to start our initiative”.

Rhys Evans, Conwy Cynhaliol said,

“We are very pleased to have been able to help ‘Ffermydd Teuluol’ carry out research into the lamb market. There is money available to groups across Conwy to look into different areas, we are proud to have been able to support this great initiative. The results and findings from the study are available for anyone to read and utilise”.


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