Funding amount:

Project description:

Project to re-introduce the Traditional Wool Charter Market in Conwy and educate visitors and children about traditional techniques e.g. weaving, spinning
What will the project achieve?

Re-establish the traditional Wool Fair 

• Demonstrate the historical and modern versatility of wool and it’s development into modern day products 
• To host demonstration’s including sheep shearing, carding, spinning, dyeing using organic, natural dyes such as moss, lichen, weaving and felting. 
• Allow visitors to participate in the spinning, carding, weaving and fulling

Who are the project beneficiaries?

Tourists, locals, school children

What was the result of your project?  

Families spent considerable time watching the sheep shearing and spinning and other wool craft demonstrations, increasing their knowledge. Conwy Feast want to set up a similar arrangement in October. Gareth Wyn Jones was also in discussion with the organiser of the fair wanting to develop aspects of the fair.

Biggest challenges/lessons learnt?

More space is needed in future and need to involve the High Street and business more in future.

What’s next for your project?

Looking at setting up the Wool Fair as a stand alone event in the same way as the Seed Fair and the honey Fair. Looking at developing something similar as part of the Conwy Feast.

Further project information:

Elen Edwards
Telephone number:
01492 576670
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