Welsh Cooperation Projects
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Project Description:

This is the expansion of the 'North East Wales digital trails App' network which is the product name for the ibeacons project. 

A further 10 communities will be included on the network across Flintshire and Wrexham Counties.

What was the result of your project?

Through this LEADER funded pilot project, a network of 30 digital trails have been created by local communities across Flintshire, Denbighshire and Wrexham, which are all bilingual.

The project worked by volunteers from participating communities working with the appointed consultant to bring together interpretative information, learning how to use and manage the ibeacon and app system and take ownership of this content for the future.

The real beauty of this project is that all of the individually created trails are all featured under one single app, ‘The North East Wales Digital Trails’ app, which is free to download via ‘app store’ and ‘googleplay’. By having one single app, makes it easier to promote and easier for visitors to locate for download.

Biggest challenges and/or lessons learnt during the project:

Biggest challenge was to encourage communities to join in the very beginning when there was nothing tangible for them to see. The prospective community groups had to believe/trust what the project would eventually become, based on my vision and my assurances.

The main lesson learnt from this project is that each community is different. Each community will work differently, at different speeds and produce a different style of trail, which is also the beauty of this project. The information that is now on offer to both locals and visitors to the area is both varied and interesting.

Further project information:

Sarah Jones
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01490 340500
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