Adders are Amazing!

The project will deliver the community engagement aspect of a programme being developed by ARG UK and ARC (Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust) who are working in partnership to develop a National Adder Conservation Strategy to prevent this iconic, but vulnerable native snake from slipping into extinction in large parts of England and Wales. Raising awareness and reducing fear of adders among the general population in Pembrokeshire and thereby contributing to the conservation of adders, which are an endangered species. Reducing the risk and long-term effects of adder bites in humans and pets through information about what to do if a person or pet is bitten to ensure that correct treatment is sought in a timely manner. Increase community engagement with nature and increase understanding of biodiversity. Production of a legacy education toolkit that can be used by schools and community groups to help with conservation beyond the project lifetime. 


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LEADER Local Development Fund


Dr Angela Julian
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01865 872162
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