Beacon Illumine aims to infuse the physical new hub building with depictions, illustrating in cutting edge forms of still and moving imagery, Brecknockshire's community life, soul and environmental character. The physical environment, the landscape, the communities and activities populating Brecknockshire will be illuminated through the process of image capture and presentation bringing what is outside and beyond the BEACON, into the hub facility in distilled form, highlighting the wealth of stunning locations, the cultural richness and diversity of the area. Strong visual imagery will capture life in Brecknockshire for use in promoting the region to visitors, celebrating the homeland of local people and providing information to the public via the hub location and online.

A small group of professional artists based or working in Powys photographers, film-makers and animators, will be appointed to work with a group of at least eight local young people with an interest in or a talent for image making. The young people will form an Image Maker Team and will be recruited onto a professionally led programme of training & production skill building activities.

The Illumine programme will include workshops, field trips, studio sessions and masterclasses in technical, composition/design, editing, image manipulation, animation techniques and presentation. The content output will consist of a portfolio of still photographic images, digital film, animation, slow motion and time-lapse footage using editing packages such as After Effects. This body of work will be shown, displayed and mounted within the large public atrium area of the new hub, and at times on the exterior faade, for viewing by visitors to the area and those using the hub facilities. The content will be linked to information about activities, places, events and the cultural heritage of the area as well as featuring the people, lifestyles, landscapes, topography, skies and weather particular to the Brecon Beacons. Capturing such content will involve a strong element of community engagement in the process including local individuals, groups, businesses and locations.




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EAFRD (WG RC_RDP Wales) contribution
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LEADER Local Development Fund


Lucy Bevan
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01597 827378
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